The Pecatonica Public Library District has a meeting room with seating for a maximum of 60 in an auditorium style arrangement. The primary purpose of this meeting room is in support of library functions, meetings, and informational programs. The meeting room may, on occasion with prior approval, be made available for use by members of the public. Organizations not affiliated with the Pecatonica Public Library District may use the meeting room only when all of the following conditions are met:
1. The group/individual/organization conducting the meeting/event is not doing so for the immediate or ultimate gain of a for-profit business or agency.
2. The meeting/event takes place during regular library hours.
3. The meeting/event cannot be expected to disrupt the ability of the library to conduct its business in a normal and orderly manner.
4. The meeting/event follows all laws including those required by the open meetings act.
5. The reservation for the meeting room is made by a resident of the library’s jurisdictional area.
6. The Pecatonica Public Library reserves the right to refuse any application.
7. The optional meeting room deposit is made at the time of the reservation with the understanding that it is forfeited in full unless the meeting room is left in the same clean, orderly fashion in which the organization found it at the beginning of the meeting.
8. The organization assumes all responsibility for set up and clean up.

Adopted October 10, 2002 (Reviewed April 2006)
Pecatonica Public Library Policy
Amended June 11, 2009
Amended September 12, 2013

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