Pecatonica Public Library District is a public service organization and will make every reasonable effort to remain open during posted hours. The decision to close the library under adverse conditions rests with the Director.

Directives issued by the national, state or local governments will be adhered to by the Library.


We use the Pecatonica School District weather related closing as a guide to make our decision. If you hear that Pecatonica Schools are closed or have a delay due to road conditions, it means pay attention to the below-mentioned communication channels, because we MAY also have a closing or delay, but we do NOT automatically follow the school’s decision.

Generally if we have heat, we do not close or delay due to extreme cold temperatures.

A decision for an additional delay or closing of the Library will be based upon several factors that may include:

  • General condition of the roads
  • Projected forecast for worsening conditions
  • Conditions of the Library’s parking lot and walkways
  • Availability of staff to open and operate the Library
  • A state of emergency for the immediate area declared by local, county or state law enforcement agencies

If we have a weather-related closing or delay, there are many ways employees and the public will be notified. They include:

  • Text alerts are sent out to the staff
  • Notice is posted on our social media accounts
  • When staff can get to the library, signs will be posted on the door
  • We also do our best to contact outside groups who have reserved the meeting rooms, but they are also advised to check public notifications.


If the building loses electrical power, staff should request that patrons evacuate the building immediately. Staff should make certain all patrons have left and then remain in the building. If power is not restored at the end of 60 minutes or the normal closing time (whichever comes first), the building should be closed. A staff person should notify the Director that the building is closing, if he/she is not on site.


For emergencies other than weather or power outage, staff will maintain operations if the safety of the staff and public are not endangered.